We feel so lucky to live in this amazing city and we are committed to making sure Portland is a great place to live for all. Being a part of the community means that we help our children learn and grow, fight hunger, and keep Portland green (with trees and ecologically conscious decisions). Waffle Window is focused on being a valuable and contributing member of our wonderful city and giving back to help keep our communities growing.

      -Mary, Max, Brendan

      We are always looking for new ways to get involved. If you have an event or program that the Waffle Window could be a part of please contact us HERE.
      Some of our current community involvement opportunities are highlighted here.

Future Chefs Program:

      We are working with local schools to give students a chance to learn about the food industry. Our future chefs program is an educational experience for students who are passionate about cooking and/or interested in learning about a restaurant behind the scenes. Once a month we bring in a small group of students and show them what it is like to be in a professional kitchen. This is a great opportunity to inspire the next generation of creative food lovers.

Waffle Wiz Inventors:

      Our Waffle Wiz inventor series is both a fun project for students and a fundraiser for the school. Participating schools have their students create new waffles and submit their ideas to us. The students with the winning ideas will have their waffle creation featured at our stores and a portion of the proceeds of all the sales of that waffle will go right back to the school!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Friends of Trees:

Help keep Portland green by planting some trees! There are volunteer opportunities all the time, and you might just see us there (With a few Waffles of course)!

Northwest Trail Allience:

Co-owner Brendan is an avid cyclist and a strong believer in responsible mountain biking. Help protect our trails and respect our natural areas. NWTA has regular volunteer opportunities and is a great way to get outside.

SMART reading program:

SMART was founded on the idea that communities play an important role in supporting children’s education. We support PreK through third-grade children in Oregon to develop the motivation, self-confidence, and reading skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.