Life, Love, Waffles
Waffle Window Chocolate Dipped Waffle
Our pearl sugar waffle hand dipped in Guittard dark chocolate. dusted with powdered sugar and ready to eat on the move. Decadent!


Shane P.

Oh--My--God. This is quite possibly the best chocolate I've had in years -- and it was on a waffle. My waistline did not need me to find this place. Curse you Waffle Window and your perfectly simple powdered sugar sprinkled chocolate covered honeycombed cake goodness.

Anuj K.

Love the chocolate dipped waffle with a cup of coffee.

Cuppy T.

Meeting you this past weekend was life-changing & amazing in so many ways. I haven't been able to stop thinking about your chocolate dipped perfection for 3 days straight.


Pearl Sugar Waffle, Guittard Dark Chocolate