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Waffle Window Pearl Sugar Waffle

Our Portland style Liege pearl sugar waffles are truly a unique treat! Our waffles are made using a yeast leavened dough instead of a batter and are baked with pearl sugar to give the waffle a delicious crunch. Unlike anything you have had before… so come try one today!

Want to know more about pearl sugar….check out the pearl sugar wikipedia page.


Kate M.

I considered some of the waffles with toppings, but figured that a plain waffle would be easiest to carry. It was the perfect street food: made fresh, not too messy, and just satisfying enough to tide me over until dinner.

Devon H.

The waffles themselves are sugary and crispy and just pure heaven. There must be some secret in making them so perfect...

Rona L.

The Belgiums had a stroke of genius when they introduced chunks of pearl sugar into their dense and chewy waffle - the Liege waffle. And The Waffle Window had a stroke of genius with their interpretation of the Belgium treat.

Shauna A.

They use special sugar in the batter that caramelizes and produces a crispy coating on the outside that is unique and strangely addictive.


Yeast Dough, Pearl Sugar