Life, Love, Waffles

Our specials can change by the day and location. Please call for an up to date list.


Darkest Desire

A dark chocolate covered waffle with our handmade salted caramel ice cream topped with a dark chocolate shell, whipped cream and a sprinkle of black lava salt.

The Bee Sting

Come get stung by this Waffle featuring our seasonal hand made Sage Blossom-Honey ice cream. The ice cream is deliciously balanced with fresh Oregon strawberries a white chocolate shell, strawberry coulis and a stinger of salted candied almonds.

Rose City Waffle

Experience the flavors of the Northwest with our signature spring time waffle. Local Oregon strawberries, rose cream, and rhubarb sauce make this our top pick of the season
Hawaiian Heaven

Hawaiian Heaven

Flavor of the islands! Featuring Noho's Ono chicken, oregano roasted pineapple, blue cheese mousse and finished with chives.