Waffle Window is now offering Liege style dough balls wholesale. If you have a restaurant and are looking for an exceptional waffle made to the absolute highest standards then look no further. Our Liege waffle dough balls are prepared in our central kitchen using locally sourced butter and eggs from Medowseet farms and sustainably grown Shepard’s grain flour

We are currently offering two dough ball sizes:

Large dough ball weighs 116g +-5g

1 box = 2 bags of 30 dough balls

60 dough balls total

Small dough ball weighs 65g +-5g

1 box = 3 bags of 30 dough balls

90 dough balls total


Room temperature dough once proofed can keep for up to 4-8 hrs.
Refrigerated dough keeps for up to 24 hrs.
Frozen dough keeps for up to 2-3 months.